• Kutti

    For this we are cropping and providing maize, sorghum, bajra etc; and its raw materials by cutting into small pieces. Feed this along with combination of grass, yellow lentils etc.

  • Cotton Cake

    After separating cotton and oil from cotton seeds , from the remaining residue we make cotton oil cakes which is a very useful feed for the cattle.

  • Mixture

    We provide a total mixed ration of feeding cattle that combines all forages, grains, protein feeds, minerals, vitamins and feed additives formulated to a specified nutrient concentration into a single feed mix.

  • Paddy

    We own paddy fields on large scale area from which we provide the best quality of paddy, which is cultivated through wet rice cultivation method.

  • Rice

    It is a starchy cereal grain rich in carbohydrates which is obtained after milling the paddy.We provide the best quality of rice (eg: kurnool sona masuri rice) for daily needs and commodities.

  • Jowar

    We provide the best quality and variety of sorghum like yellow and white also Raychur sorghum best for diabetics , with best nutritional values.

  • Corn

    We are cropping and providing the best quality of corn which is very useful for diabetics and helps to lower hypertension and its fiber clears the digestive system. It is also used in the fodder of cattle feed.

  • Bengal Gram

    We provide the high protein quality Bengal Gram. Bengal gram has good amount of iron, sodium, selenium and small amount of copper zinc and manganese. They are also a very good source of folic acid and fiber.

  • Black Gram

    We provide the healthy proteinaceous black gram. It is nutritious and very useful for diabetics. Black gram is rich in vitamins, minerals and devoid of cholesterol.

  • Red Dal

    We are cropping and providing the best quality red dal.

  • Chickpeas

    We provide the highest quality of chickpeas.

  • Coriander

    We provide the best and high quality range of dry coriander seeds.

  • Green Gram

    We provide a qualitative range of green gram which is very rich in nutrients.

  • Mustard Seeds

    We offer a wide variety range of mustard seeds which are used in many regional foods , in pickles etc.

  • Wheat

    We provide the premium quality of wheat ( sharbati wheat ) which is highly proteinaceous human food. This cereal grain is used to make wheat flour , breads , buiscuits etc. It is also used to make beverages by fermentation method.

  • Cotton

    We provide the soft, fluffy, staple cotton of best quality. This natural fiber is used to make wide variety range of textile products such as clothes, jeans, towels , terry cloth etc. Its refined product is of medical and cosmetic use. After ginning, the remnant product is used to make cotton oil cakes which is used as an ingredient in forage of cattle feed.

  • Manure

    We provide the best organic manure of variety range which is very useful in agriculture. It is very essential for farming as it not only makes the soil fertile but also provide humus to the soil, by which the growing plants gain nutrition.

  • Wood

    We assure and offer the best quality of different varieties of wood (hard and soft wood).