Modulla Agro Products was founded in November 2008 by Jagannadha Reddy Modulla in AndhraPradesh, India. He has completed MCA and working as IT employee when this company started. Modulla Agro Products had all the humble beginnings at startup. This company made its first step with rented machinery and small quantity of material. Initially it started with cattle feed (Kutti in Hindi) production and supply.

We are maintaining good quality in all aspects of our material and profound relation with farmers and customers, due to that year by year company size/growth increasing. Now we are having our own machinery for production and supplying huge quantity of materials with good quality. Apart from this Modulla Agro Products started cropping and supplying crops like paddy, jowar, corn, Bengal gram, chilli, cotton, etc.

Our services are production and supply, we are purchasing extra material from farmers (apart from our production) and supplying to customers directly. By this farmers are getting more income by avoiding mediators (Dalari), good price for their crops, etc. and customers are able to get good quality with excellent service.

As a small scale agriculture business we are responsible for livelihood, wages etc. of various supervisors, labors and workers.

Our Present

Now we are supplying cattle feed to small farmers who are having 1 or 2 buffaloes / cows as well as to big dairy forms. For production of this purchasing raw material from farmers in huge quantity and with our machinery preparing final product and supplying.

We are cropping grains and purchasing from farmers for supplying to customers, by this way customers will get daily needs from farmers/ fields directly without having forge, as well as farmers also get more gain.

We are supplying manures for cultivating.

Our Future

Now a days everybody wants to get quality material / daily needs. To reach and satisfy their expectations we are creating direct chain to farmer and customer.

We can’t survive without agriculture, so agriculture is having good success at any time. As of now supply is low and demand is high. Our target is to reach the supply target.

We are pretty sure to explore the business opportunities, creating chances to grow, generating more and more employment.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future

— George Bernard Shaw